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Trampling One Slave while Using Another as Her Ashtray!

Main category: HUMAN ASHTRAY Mistress:Mistress Enza Length: 12:45Added: 04/29/2017

Enza is one of the cruelest mistresses there is, and she proves it in this twisted video! "Start crawling," she demands of one slave, guiding him across the room by his leash before having him lay on his back. Meanwhile, another submissive kneels naked close by and quietly holds her cigarettes while he watches her trample his fellow slave's bare body. She jumps up and down on him, crushing him beneath her while he groans in pain, then briefly hops off to kick him in the side. Climbing back on his chest, she grinds her heel into his nipples while he cries out in agony, hoping his torment will end soon. "Bring me a cigarette!" she demands of her other slave who's still kneeling quietly, and begins to beat him when he moves too slow. "Is this how you light a cigarette, you stupid, useless pig?" she scolds as he trembles in fear. He resumes his position by her side, watching as she continues to trample the other slave, pausing only to use him as her human ashtray by ashing her cigarette in his mouth. By trampling one slave and using the other as an ashtray, she manages to torture two slaves at the same time!

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